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  10. ay tumblr I’ll be making gifs tonight over at the betawards blog starting at 6/5c.  f with me.

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    It’s On Sale: (Almost) Everything at Need Supply

    Want those on-sale Aldens that Pete talked about yesterday? Well, they’re available at Need Supply, where you can take 20% off your whole order with the checkout code EVERYTHING20. The code works on everything except select items from APC. For footwear alone, check out Common Projects and Alden (two brands that are rarely discounted), as well as Converse, Vans, and Quoddy

    Pictured above: Alden Indy bootsQuoddy bluchersChuck Taylor high tops, and Common Projects Achilles.

    unless you wear a size 13. then you can go f yourself. 

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    Sofia T.
    Brooklyn, NY
    Ricoh GR

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    Cause anybody that can bleed for 5 days and don’t die
    Plus develop an attitude, go to sleep wake up
    And look at me dead in my eyes, ain’t for me playa…

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