1. "Because I can tell you for a fact, I know many black women who are loud and ratchet and wear weaves. I know black women who are attending law school and choose to wear their hair naturally. I know black women who are single mothers, working multiple jobs in order to support their families. I know black women who are shy and introverted and listen to alternative music. I know Claire Huxtables and Olivia Popes. I know Nene Leakes and Sweet Browns. And the one thing that they all have in common is that they all deserved to be loved."
    — Excerpt from  RE: BLACK MEN DON’T LIKE BLACK WOMEN  (via uzowuru)

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    Tom Dixon home goods for The Dreslyn.

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    The Corrigan Show at Brit Pack Studios, Soho NYC - October 16th, 2014. With: Alex Karpovsky, Michael Che, Talib Kweli and Vincent D’Onofrio. Photos by Jeremy van Eyk.


  6. bravethebeast said: My friend and I are embarking on a mission to read all of your books before we graduate from school in May. Any advice?


    Use your libraries. It will be cheaper, it increases the chances of you actually doing it, and you may encounter some nice librarians on the way.

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    Gordon Parks - Black Muslim Protest, 1963 (via)

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  11. "When I went on a road trip in my Harley, I strapped a ukulele from Hawaii, a Mele, in my sissy seat, and it was so cute, I looked at it and thought, I’d fuck me."
    — William H Macy is a huge fucking dork lol

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    imgur is trying to wean the internet off of the animated .gif image

    getting closer. still restricted to 256 colors.

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    We like it raw.